Buy Jewelry Wholesale at Jewelry Shows and Expos

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Jewelry shows and expos are great places to find
jewelry wholesale. These shows and expos are held
all over the world throughout the year, and no matter
where you live, a show will eventually be held near
you – probably within a days drive. In fact, if you live
near a major city or a convention center, there will
probably be several shows throughout the year that
you will be interested in when it comes to jewelry

One of the great things about these shows and
expos – aside from all of the gorgeous jewelry on
display and the fabulous prices – is the information
that is offered. These shows and expos often cover
entire weekends, and related seminars and
demonstrations are often included as well.

There is an entry fee for these shows and expos, in
most cases, but it is typically quite affordable. A
good way to find shows in your area is to visit Another way to find
shows is to visit a search engine and type ‘jewelry
shows your home town’ into the search box, where
your home town is the town you live in, or a major
city near you.

Dealing with Jewelry Wholesale Dealers

Many people think that if they try to talk to a
jewelry wholesale dealer that they will get better
bargains. In the case of buying in bulk, they are
absolutely right! Most jewelry wholesale dealers
will offer you a lower price if you are buying in
bulk – but if you are just buying one or two pieces,
it really doesn’t pay for them to offer you prices
below the wholesale price.

Other than getting a good price, you want to make
sure that you are getting quality jewelry. If you can
deal with the jewelry wholesale dealer in person,
you should. But in most situations, this will not be
the case. Instead, contact the dealer by phone
and talk to them. Establish a relationship, and
keep that relationship on good terms at all times.
As time goes by, you may be able to get even
better deals from the wholesaler, and you can
probably work out credit terms as well.

Just remember that your jewelry wholesale dealer
is a human being, and treat them as such. If you
ever find that your dealer isn’t being honest with you,
or is selling low quality jewelry, look for a new

Exporting Jewelry Wholesale

If you plan to export jewelry wholesale, you may
need to find out if it is legal. First you must
understand that sending just one piece of jewelry to
another country is in fact ‘exporting goods.’ This is
true even if the country is Mexico or Canada! No
matter where it is going, if it is outside of the United
States, or the country that you live in, it is

You can find out if exporting certain pieces of
jewelry is legal by calling the customs agency in
your state, or by calling the United States Customs
Office. Describe the jewelry and as well as the
precious stones it contains, and tell them where it
is being sent. They will be able to tell you if shipping
it is legal, and what problems may be encountered
at customs in the country it is being shipped to.

Take shipping costs into consideration, and make
sure that your customer pays for that! Shipping to
other countries can be quite costly, and if you pay
for that shipping, you probably won’t realize any
profits on the jewelry wholesale that you are
shipping out of the country!


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