Diamond jewelry mania

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Diamond Jewelry mania

All people know the diamond and the jewel, the world diamond like any jewel, the jewel is a diamond stone is beautiful and enchanting, with the price of expensive, not all people can buy goods, and although not everyone can buy a certain fixed, it With a little knowledge, let us study this beautiful stone,
The cut of a diamond determines how it reflects light, which is responsible for its sparkle or brilliance. A well-cut diamond is cut by a skilled professional to the best proportions possible so that light will be reflected from each of its mirrorlike facets and disperse through its top. Too shallow a cut will let light escape through a diamond's bottom, causing it to appear dull, while too deep a cut will allow light to be lost through a diamond's sides, making it appear dark
For those of you who want to spend, and carefully selidiki to aslian of your diamond, make sure your original diamond and pure
A diamond's weight is measured in carats, with one carat being equivalent to 100 points. You will often see a diamond referred to as a 3/4-carat stone or a 75-point diamond. Larger stones are often more highly valued, but size should not be the only consideration--high brilliance, which varies according to clarity, cut, and color grade, is highly desirable in a diamond.


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